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September 28, 2004
ASBIS, a leading supplier of computer components to the EMEA emerging markets, announced today that it will terminate distribution agreement with Maxtor.
September 27, 2004
ASBIS Middle East is pleased to announce that the latest and the most advanced model in Prestigio line of LCD monitor - P179 - is available currently for ASBIS partners! Stylish 17-inch LCD monitor at unbeatable price level is what your business needs right now!
September 06, 2004
Last week the whole world has been following in dismay the developments of the hostage drama in the town of Beslan, North Osetia, Russia. To our deepest regret, the drama resulted in a bloodbath. Hundreds of people have died , have been wounded, or still missing, the majority of whom are innocent children. This monstrous crime committed by terrorists cannot leave impassive any sensible person in any corner of the globe. We mourn in grief together with the relatives and friends of those who have been affected by the terrorist act in Beslan, and call on all the people of goodwill to join us in remembering the victims and providing necessary assistance to those who need it most. ASBIS Management has decided to transfer all profit generated from the operations of the company and its subsidiaries today, September 6th, 2004, to the Support Fund for the victims affected by the terrorist act in North Osetia.
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