WorkBooth is a cutting-edge company that improves traditional workspaces with intelligent, mobile, soundproof booths for focused work, video calls, and meetings. In an office world where nothing is more precious than privacy and silence, WorkBooth serves as a sanctuary, providing peaceful and efficient environment. 

State-of-the-art solutions for work include the Logitech Brio 4K camera, Logidock, and Logitech Tap Scheduler. Booking integration with MS Teams and MS Outlook services streamlines workspace management. 


WorkBooth products not only improve the work process but also elevate it to a delightful experience. Each booth combines elegant design, premium materials, and cutting-edge technologies to create the perfect workspace.



With WorkBooth, you can eliminate external disturbances and immerse yourself in work or creativity in complete solitude. These booths become your personal space for concentration, enabling ideas to flow freely and productivity to soar.


 Whether you work in an office, coworking space, or at a public event, WorkBooth ensures you always have a comfortable and tranquil space and your workday is vibrant, productive, and enjoyable.