Infinidat was founded in 2011 by a team of storage industry experts focused on returning business value to customers by eliminating the compromises between performance, availability, and cost, at multi-petabyte scale for enterprise storage. The Infinidat team, spanning generations of storage industry experience and previous product successes, has become an industry leader by developing a better, faster way to store and protect multiple petabytes of data, with the highest possible availability, at the lowest possible cost. All of this work was done with a single goal in mind – enable customers to spend less on their infrastructure and focus more on innovation, growth, and competitive advantage.

Save Millions with Infinidat

To help organizations better understand the benefits and costs associated with InfiniBox, Infinidat commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. Forrester interviewed current InfiniBox customers across several industries and geographies. With the information gathered, Forrester uncovered some remarkable results based on a composite organization.

InfiniBox® & InfiniBox™ SSA II

Achieve unmatched performance, availability, and economics at petabyte scale.

The InfiniBox enterprise storage platform delivers groundbreaking performance for mixed application workloads. InfiniBox SSA II takes that performance even further for workloads that require consistent, microsecond latency for every I/O. Both platforms include:

  • Guaranteed performance
  • Guaranteed 100% availability
  • Guaranteed cyber recoverability
  • Comprehensive cyber resilience
  • Set-it-and-forget-it user experience
  • Multi-petabyte scalability



Enterprise data protection with InfiniSafe® cyber protection technologies and unmatched performance.

Ransomware, malware, and cyberattacks put your data at significant risk. Infinidat’s modern data protection and cyber resilience solution, InfiniGuard, plays an essential role in your overall cyber security strategy. InfiniGuard features include:

  • Easy to use with your preferred backup software
  • Industry-leading data protection and backup performance
  • Comprehensive InfiniSafe cyber recovery capabilities
  • Enterprise-class reliability and availability
  • Extensive, multi-layered security features

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