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July 29, 2003
New possibility for growing your business in mobile PC market: ASBIS is providing customers with a comprehensive line of products and services for getting started and to support you with manufacturing, branding and selling of mobile PC.
July 19, 2003
Unique offer on the hard disk drive market - the best ever price for HGST Vancouver 2! Best-selling capacity, fastest IDE, top warranty terms!
July 10, 2003
Specifications for two new Canyon motherboards are posted on our website, CN9I6GM-L & CN9I6PEA-L. Both motherboards support Hyper-Threading technology.
July 07, 2003
ASBIS, one of the largest suppliers of computer components in the emerging markets of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division, a leading manufacturer of optical disk drives and hard disk drives, today announced an agreement to distribute Toshiba’s entire portfolio of storage products across Eastern Europe.
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