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PRESS RELEASE - 13 June 2023. Limassol, Cyprus
ASBIS added new Ubiquiti cameras to its smart security solutions portfolio

October 10, 2023

ASBIS, Ubiquiti

ASBIS added new Ubiquiti cameras to its smart security solutions portfolio

The UniFi Protect Generation 5 Cameras are the latest cutting-edge products to be included in ASBIS’ security offerings and represent a new generation of cameras that are transforming the world of security and surveillance by delivering exceptional performance and value for money.

The product line comprises four models that offer unparalleled security solutions.

  1. The G5 Pro camera design is the most advanced to date. It features a ruggedised aluminum enclosure and can easily be mounted on a ceiling, wall, or pole. The camera’s 4K resolution, 3x optical zoom lens, and outstanding dynamic range perfectly complement UniFi Protect’s advanced smart detection capabilities, enabling an exceptional user experience.
  2. The G5 Bullet offers great price-to-performance value with its 2K HD resolution and smaller bullet form factor.
  3. The G5 Dome brings the same image quality improvements to a vandal-proof dome camera design that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.
  4. The G5 Flex is the most versatile camera and can be mounted indoors or outdoors in any environment.

The main advantages of UniFi Protect G5 cameras are:

  1. Crystal-Clear 4K Resolution: The G5 cameras capture footage in stunning 4K resolution, allowing you to witness every detail with breathtaking clarity.
  2. Powerful Low-Light Performance: The G5 cameras excel in low-light conditions, delivering exceptional image quality 24/7. You can trust them to perform well even in challenging environments.
  3. Smart Detection Technology: Enjoy peace of mind with the G5 cameras’ intelligent detection features, which offer precise motion detection, advanced analytics, and customisable alerts to keep you informed and secure.
  4. Flexible Mounting Options: The G5 cameras can be installed effortlessly in any setting, thanks to various mounting options, including wall, ceiling, and pole mounts.
  5. Seamless Integration: Ubiquiti’s user-friendly software makes connecting and managing your cameras easy. You can monitor multiple cameras from a centralised dashboard for a streamlined experience.
  6. Durable and Weatherproof: The G5 cameras are built to withstand the elements and are IP67-rated, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  7. Expandable and Scalable: The G5 camera system is designed to grow with your needs, offering scalability that suits any project.
  8. Trusted Ubiquiti Quality: Ubiquiti is a trusted name in networking and surveillance, known for its exceptional quality and performance. With the G5 cameras, you can expect nothing less.

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