About Overland-Tandberg 

Overland-Tandberg is a dynamic global technology company, operating in 100+ countries and having shipped 5+ million products to corporations and governments worldwide. With over 40 years of experience, we strive for Excellence Through Global Intellect and Inclusiveness, empowering businesses of all sizes to securely store and protect their digital assets and people.

RDX data storage solutions 

RDX provides the most dependable backup solution in an era of unpredictable data losses. With various sizes and versatile applications, RDX products suit both small and large enterprises, seamlessly integrating into existing networks.

Featuring media rotation and the 3-2-1 backup strategy, RDX creates an air-gap backup, ensuring unmatched data security against unforeseen losses. But what is an air gap? It's a security measure that erects an impenetrable barrier between a digital system and potential threats such as hackers, viruses, or power outages.

RDX solutions cater to small businesses, branch offices, and larger environments, offering a cost-effective solution for growing data storage needs. With no significant technical hurdles, storing data externally is effortless - simply transfer the pocket-sized disks to another location.

Whether via USB connection to servers, PCs, or laptops, or as a powerful iSCSI network storage with 4 or 8 RDX drives, RDX provides tailored solutions for every business. The RDX QuikStation models also serve as an entry-level alternative to expensive tape systems. 

3-2-1 Backup Strategy

NEO series 

The bulk of our current data, around 75-80%, is unstructured. Unstructured data finds its optimal storage solution in Tape!

Tape offers lower media costs and requires minimal power and cooling when idle, unlike disks. It's the perfect fit for large data sets stored over extended periods. Plus, for sequential IO tasks, tape outperforms disks in both reading and writing.

LTO Tape stands out as the ultimate choice for the final layer in data protection and archiving. Industry leaders place their trust in LTO Tape due to its unmatched reliability, offline security, and the most economical storage costs. LTO proves itself as the prime solution for Long-Term Data Storage and protection.

D2D2T approach ensures data integrity while easing network strain. By storing two copies—one on disk and one on tape—without reprocessing the backup client, it's a smart strategy.

The flexibility to transfer data from disk to tape allows for convenient scheduling. Typically, recent backups remain on disks for swift access, while older ones migrate to tapes, achieving both speed and off-site archiving efficiency. 

D2D2T Backup Strategy

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