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Supermicro® Highlights High Efficiency, High Performance Supercomputing Innovations

July 08, 2014

Supermicro, server

Supermicro® Highlights High Efficiency, High Performance Supercomputing Innovations

TwinPro²™, FatTwin™, SuperBlade® and MicroBlade Solutions at ISC’14.


Supermicro products

Wide Range of Hybrid Compute Platforms, Highest Density 196 Xeon DP/Rack MicroBlade and Advanced System Architecture with Titanium Level High Efficiency (96%+) Power Supplies Maximize Performance per Watt for Technical Computing.

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server, storage technology and green computing exhibited its High Performance Computing solutions at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC ’14) in Leipzig, Germany. HPC Solutions designed by Supermicro feature architecture innovations that optimize performance, I/O bandwidth and compute density while providing the most efficient air flow for minimum power consumption as well as ease of installation and maintenance. With enhanced cooling and broadening support for Supermicro’s new Titanium Level, high-efficiency (96%+) power supplies, these SuperServer® solutions offer peak performance with the most green computing advantages available on the market. New innovative platforms highlighted at ISC’14 include the robust 2U TwinPro²™ featuring 4x dual-processor (DP) nodes and redundant Titanium Level high-efficiency (96%+) power supplies, the extreme density, ultra low power 6U 112-node Intel® Atom™ based MicroBlade microserver (196 next-generation Xeon E5 DP per rack configuration coming), 1U NVMe/SAS3, 2U 6x GPU, 4U 8x GPU DP SuperServers, 4U Intel® Xeon®  based 4x DP node 12x GPU FatTwin™ and 7U SuperBlade® in 4-way, 2x and 3x GPU configurations. Supermicro will also be announcing support for Intel’s next generation HPC fabric, Intel® Omni Scale Fabric, and next-generation Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor, Knights Landing to simplify upgrade paths and accelerate access to the full parallel performance of Intel® Xeon® based processor and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor technologies. 

“Supermicro’s latest advances in Green Computing from optimization for advanced technologies such as NVMe to cooling architecture innovations and Titanium Level power supplies increases the overall energy efficiency and performance of our most powerful HPC systems,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “As we increase the density, efficiency, performance and functionality across our hybrid computing platforms such as TwinPro, FatTwin, SuperBlade and MicroBlade, we provide the HPC community the widest range of truly green, scalable and sustainable building block solutions optimized to meet the most challenging supercomputing applications while also protecting our environment.”    

“Intel is re-architecting the future of High Performance Computing with the announcement of our end-to-end Intel® Omni Scale Fabric and our plans to integrate the fabric onto future Intel Xeon and Intel Xeon Phi processors,” said Barry Davis General Manager of High Performance Fabric Organization Technical Computing Group, at Intel. “With partners such as Supermicro integrating our latest technologies across a wide range of high performance computing platforms, engineering and scientific fields will benefit from the faster data transfers, reduced latencies and higher efficiency that this new fabric provides.”

Supermicro HPC systems feature the highest hybrid compute capacity in their class and are available in the industry’s widest selection of green computing platforms supporting dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2 with NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs or Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors. Notable supercomputing clusters featuring Supermicro green server solutions include the 2014 Green500 #1 ranked TSUBAME-KFC-GSIC Supercomputer at Tokyo Institute of Technology. With 1U SuperServers (SYS-1027GR-TQF) supporting 4x NVIDIA® Tesla® K20X GPU Accelerators submerged in Green Revolution Cooling CarnotJet™ liquid cooled tanks this cluster achieved a world record breaking performance/power efficiency of 4.5 GFLOPS per watt. In addition, the upcoming 2,000 node Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC-3) featuring Supermicro’s Data Center Optimized X9DRD-iF motherboards with dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2650 v2 submerged in GRC CarnotJet™ racks will maximize computational performance per watt for Austrian universities.

Supermicro’s ISC’14 Exhibits included

  • 1U NVMe/SAS3 SuperServer® (SYS-1027R-WC1NRT) – Dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2, up to 1TB ECC DDR3 1866MHz in 16x DIMMs, 1x PCI-E 3.0 (x16) FHHL slot, 10x hot-swap 2.5” HDD/SSD bays (2x NVMe PCIe SSD/SATA3, 8x SAS3 12Gb/s), dual-port 10GBase-T, redundant 700W power supplies
  • 1U A+ Server (AS-1042G-TF) – Quad AMD Opteron™ 6300P (G34) processors, up to 1TB in 32 DIMMs, 1x PCI-E 2.0 (x16) LP slot, dual-port GbE, 3x 3.5” hot-swap SATA HDD bays, 1400W high efficiency power supply
  • 2U TwinPro²™ (SYS- 2028TP-HC1R) – 4x nodes, dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 “Haswell” (Static Demo), up to 1TB in 16x DIMMs, onboard Infiniband 40GbE FDR or dual 10GBase-T, mSATA and SATA-DOM with SuperCap support, 1x PCI-E 3.0 (x16) LP slot, 2.5” LSI3308 SAS3 12Gb/s or 3.5” SAS/SATA hot-swap HDD/SSD bay configurations and redundant Titanium Level high-efficiency (96%+) digital power supplies.
  • 4U 8x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU/Intel® Xeon Phi™ DP SuperServer® (SYS-4027GR-TRT) – Dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2, up to 1.5TB ECC DDR3 1866MHz in 24x DIMMs, up to 48x hot-swap 2.5” SAS2/SATA3 HDD/SSD bays, dual-port 10GBase-T and redundant Platinum Level high-efficiency (95%+) digital power supplies.
  • 4U 12x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU/Intel® Xeon Phi™ 4-Node FatTwin™ (SYS-F627G3-FTPT+) – Each node supports dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2, up to 1TB ECC DDR3 1866MHz in 16x DIMMs, 3x PCI-E 3.0 (x16) double-width slots, 2x PCI-E 3.0 (x8) slots, front I/O dual-port 10GBase-T, 2x 3.5” hot-swap SATA HDD bays and redundant Platinum Level (1620W) high-efficiency digital power supplies.
  • 6U MicroBlade – Ultra low power, extreme density microserver featuring 112x Intel® Atom™ C2750 (8-core, 2.4GHz) nodes, 4x SDN enabled Ethernet switch modules with 2x 40Gb/s QSFP or 8x 10Gb/s SFP+ uplinks and 56x 2.5Gb/s downlinks, up to 99% cable reduction and 8x (N+1 or N+N redundant) 1600W Platinum Level high-efficiency (95%+) digital power supplies.
  • 7U SuperBlade®  – TwinBlade® (SBI-7227R-T2) 2x nodes each supporting dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 processors, 4-Way Processor Blade (SBI-7147R-S4F_FDR 56G / SBI-7147R-S4X_10GbE) supporting quad Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4600 v2, GPU Blades (SBI-7127RG-E, SBI-7127RG3) supporting dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2, 2x NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU/Intel® Xeon Phi™ and 3x NVIDIA® Tesla® (SXM) GPU/Intel® Xeon Phi™, for up to 180x GPUs in 42U racks.

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