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PRESS RELEASE - 22 April 2019, Limassol, Cyprus
Perenio IoT attended the Tuya Online AI+IoT Business Conference for industry leaders from 30 countries

May 29, 2020


Perenio IoT attended the Tuya Online AI+IoT Business Conference for industry leaders from 30 countries

Perenio IoT attended the Tuya Online AI+IoT Business Conference and presented smart devices

Czech technology company Perenio IoT took part in the AI+IoT Business Conference 2020 Spring Online Edition by Tuya Smart, the world’s leading AI+IoT platform. Event brought together leaders in lighting, security, home appliances, AI, cloud computing, and big data for networking and in-depth discussions around smart technology and the state of IoT.

Global AI+IoT industry leaders that have participated in the conference: Accenture, Bluetooth SIG, Calex, Google Assistant, Haier, Hampton, Indiegogo, Lenovo, TCL, Zigbee Alliance and etc.

Executive Director Perenio IoT, Sergei Kostevitch had a speech about developing and launching smart devices in mass production in 30 days based on the best-practice case of Perenio IoT and introduced new products — IoT Router at core.

We are pleased to work together with a fast growing and innovative company that we believe has gone in the right direction of simplifying life for the developers of Smart Home. What I really like about IoT is, they bring together different companies who would have never actually been partners before. You have small sensor developers, you have guys making air conditioners, capsules, heaters, or light bulbs, lamps, or whatever, routers as well, and all the recalibrating together to make a great product, machine to machine. And this was something that was never possible before. It’s really interconnected and delivering something unique to the client. It’s one-stop solution.

So to promote together with Tuya, their artificial intelligence, the true Smart Home with the systems by analysis of data, has allowed us to move forward into the market, and truly make the systems smart for their customer, not just pure automation as it appears at the beginning and now you can turn on and off the products. It’s truly smart where we make the life of the people easier and less burdensome for them.”– Sergei Kostevitch said.

Perenio presented a special version of IoT Router Elegance with Tuya Smart platform for telecom operators. This collaboration is a part of the company's global project of creating an open building management ecosystem. IoT router Elegance is the company's flagship device and has wide capabilities for telecom operators business. Perenio IoT is convinced that the future of the market is about deeper integration: in addition to selling popular devices, it is necessary to build an ecosystem, an educational component for consumers, and communication through all possible distribution channels. The telecom services market, in this case, is one of the key ones. By offering an IoT router to their customers instead of the usual router, telecom operators will be able to enter a new market, becoming providers of Smart Home solutions.

With the Perenio IoT router and the Tuya Smart platform, the user will be able to connect and control a huge range of smart devices from a single application: sensors, relays, lamps, taps, shutters, kettles, humidifiers, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, surveillance cameras, etc.

"Another area that Perenio is now entering and really is looking strongly is the Smart Health Section, as a whole. Since we are really facing a very strong surge with the coronavirus and the pandemic issues, we are really wanting to help out the world here and really truly see an opportunity where we can be efficient and provide great products for people out there. So keeping with us within the next few months, we are bringing out several of our products. And by the end of this year, a few more are planned, and we are hoping we’ll be able to catch it on time and bring it out this year"– Sergei Kostevitch.

About Tuya  

Tuya Smart is the leading provider of the world’s first and only all-in-one AI+IoT platform providing the app, connectivity, and cloud. Tuya has smart-enabled more than 90,000 products worldwide across eight major smart home categories. Tuya’s comprehensive IoT platform, which includes a cloud solution, product modules, and app to control any device, enables companies to develop smart products for the home and commercial markets quickly, safely, easily, and affordably; and Tuya’s deep global network makes it easy for any company to find the perfect smart home partner. Tuya is internationally operated with headquarters in the U.S., Germany, India, Japan, and China.

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