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AMD Opteron™ 4000 and 6000 Series Platform

January 27, 2011


AMD Opteron™ 4000 and 6000 Series Platform

Things you need to know to sell.

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 AMD Opteron

Things you need to know to sell


An exceptional value without compromise, delivering superior performance in memory and compute intensive workloads.

Feature #1: Redesigned for More Cores with Direct Connect Architecture 2.0

How to sell it: Up to 2X performance9 for core & memory-sensitive apps. Scalability for CPU and memory-intensive applications.
What it really means to the customer: Headroom for Intense Workloads, e.g.: Virtualization (more cores per VM), HPC (more parallel threads), Web & Cloud (support larger user loads) and Database (more simultaneous requests).

Feature #2: Eliminating the 4P tax

How to sell it: 2 and 4-socket capable processors are priced the same, which means customers can get 4P performance at a 2P price.7.
What it really means to the customer: Availability of affordable 4-socket servers makes consolidating many 2-socket servers into fewer 4-socket servers a viable option for customers.

Feature #3: Same Features across Power Bands

How to sell it: Easy integration. Eliminate forced trade-offs with full memory speed and I/O speed on all models and same chipset throughout processor stack.
What it really means to the customer: Minimize confusion during buying process. Minimize penalties for buying a mid-level processor.


Designed from the ground up to handle demanding server workloads at lowest available energy draw per core beating the competition by as much 40%.

Feature #1: Full Suite of Power Efficiency Features (invoke sleep state at idle; reduce energy at temperature threshold; reduce HT bus power consumption; remote management of power states).

How to sell it: AMD’s low power breakthrough: below 6 watts per core!3.
What it really means to the customer: Superior performance-per-watt. The world’s lowest power-per-core server processor.3 Half the power draw and up to 19% more performance than Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ 2300 Series Processor.6

Feature #2: First 2P-Capable Server Processor at Sub-$100 Price.4

How to sell it: Outstanding Value: Drives low overall server cost.
What it really means to the customer: Spending less on server hardware makes their IT budget stretch further.

Feature #3: Full memory and full I/O speed on all models. Same die, chipset, and memory enable same API, BIOS code, and drivers.

How to sell it: No tradeoffs of performance & basic functionality. Seamlessly migrate VM’s and software between AMD Opteron 4000 Series based systems.
What it really means to the customer: Consistency across entire processor stack makes it easy to buy, easier to qualify and easier to manage.


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