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ASBIS ME, Axtel partner to meet demand for high-quality professional headsets

August 10, 2020

ASBIS ME, Axtel partner to meet demand for high-quality professional headsets

ASBIS ME Strengthen Commitment To Advanced Audio Tech Space

Dubai, UAE, Aug 10, 2020: Axtel,  a global provider of high-quality devices, Axtel has gained years of experience within the market for professional communication, has joined ASBIS ME in distribution to the region’s high-quality professional headset space.

Axtel’ headset products add value to ASBIS business. Supreme sound quality, reliability, and maximum comfort thanks to an ergonomic design from Axtel’s R&D department.

Mr. Praveen Singh, Director Sales, ASBIS ME said, “Partnering with Axtel, is definitely a step in the right direction. Axtel is leading in the advanced audio technology for voice quality and noise cancellation, Axtel’s headsets are suitable for any environment. With Axtel, we continue to transform one-time clients into trusted business partners.”

Mr. Prince Gangadharan, Manager Sales, ASBIS ME said, “This year 2020 is important year for solution company, we are moving towards transformation, artificial intelligence and 5G. While the industry has been trying to perfect itself, its users’ habits are changing in the blink of an eye. We believe that the Axtel’s high-quality headsets throughout the design and manufacture process with added training, will improve skill sets of our partners.”

Commenting on their partnership with ASBIS ME: For any company to grow, one of the key points is to have an eye on the market and its needs, that’s where ASBIS comes in play in knowing the market with its expertise. One of the fastest growing VADs’ in the region, partnering with ASBIS will definitely help us grow as they have diverse product range in their portfolio catering to much larger audience who have their trust with the company. With their approach and Axtel’s’ quality along with technology, we are sure to provide quality driven cost-effective solution to our partners. Excited to partner with ASBIS. Mr. Mikolaj Kubiak, Global Director, Axtel

The world is at constant change, more so with the current situation we are facing, and during these times, as a company we need to have a reality check on what is the need of the hour. One such need is having a better communication with highest quality and ease of use. With this idea, both ASBIS and Axtel comes together and have that common goal to help the channel with the best solution. Rest assured, the channel will benefit from our partnership and can provide an exponential growth for all. Mr. Dhaval M. Varia, Regional Sales Manager, Axtel ME

About Axtel

Originally based in Warsaw, Poland, Axtel is now a truly European vendor that offers their solutions around the world. During its journey toward becoming a global provider of high-quality devices, Axtel has gained years of experience within the market for professional communication. Axtel produces high-quality professional communication solutions aimed at organizations where communication is central to their business. We prioritize user needs and comfort, enabling professionals to further their goals with clear two-way communication through advanced audio technology. For more information, visit us at www.axtelworld.com


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