Prestigio Solutions Interactive Education

MultiBoard is a tool for effective explanation and collaborative work

Interactive Prestigio Multiboard is a key tool that improves teacher's presentations, easily demonstrates and explain  abstract concepts and enhance pupils' control. One device joins features of multimedia projector with a whiteboard, traditional blackboard, flip-chart and monitor.

Moreover, bright screen displays clear pictures regardless any lighting conditions that saves the costs on additional shades in case of projector usage. 

Key features:

  • One device for presenting any information, supports both regular playback or demonstration and interactive change of information
  • Latest technologies, applications and tools for subject explanation and managing the lesson process: video, 3D models, animations
  • The blackboard never ends – just add new page. Save all your notes – nothing will ever fade away

Prestigio Solutions helps companies to modernize, automate, and simplify their business processes and introduce advanced technologies at affordable prices.

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