Own brands


    Prestigio is an international brand offering wide range of consumer electronics for home, education and office. It combines 2 business directions: Prestigio consumer electronics for the B2C segment and Prestigio Solution for business partners. Brand sells products in 27+ countries around the world. 
    Canyon is a dynamic lifestyle worldwide brand that offers a wide range of stylish and trendy multimedia, mobile accessories, and computer peripherals designed for youth. The brand's motto: “You can!” Canyon combines 2 directions: a general consumer electronic category and special label Canyon Gaming of gaming devices and PC accessories for entry-level gamers at affordable prices. 
  • AENO 
    AENO is a young fast-growing brand of smart home appliances with its own smart ecosystem and a user-friendly mobile app. The product portfolio includes cleaning and cooking appliances: air purifiers, steam mops, upright and robot vacuum cleaners, blenders, ovens, kettles, electric grills.  
    Perenio is a tech brand, specialized on the Internet of Things, Smart Home/Office and Smart Health. The company creates a full stack capability to develop complex solutions and unique entirely new products from hardware to software: IoT platforms, IoT routers, smart sensors, active smart devices. The novelty of the brand is PERENIO IONIC SHIELD™ Cold Plasma Emitter with CoV capsule of complex metal ions to reduce and suppress the level of viral concentration in the enclosed area of application (air and surfaces), as tested and confirmed by accredited laboratories. 
    Lorgar is a brand of gaming devices aimed to bring the gaming experience to a high level. The brand’s mission is to provide every gamer feel living and exciting emotions from gaming with high-quality devices, inspired by the requests of the best gamers.  
    Prestigio Solutions specializes in the production and delivery of innovative technological solutions for business and education. Prestigio Solutions™ brand line includes the MultiBoard interactive panels, Digital Signage AV solutions, video conferencing systems, business and  education software, and RFID solutions.