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Perenio IoT involves leading developers in creating a line of brand products

June 15, 2020


Perenio IoT involves leading developers in creating a line of brand products

To create its new devices, Czech manufacturer of IoT building management and security systems Perenio has attracted leaders of technological design and development of smart devices.

The Perenio product series include an IoT router as a control centre for smart home & office and a number of controlled devices such as sensors, smart sockets, and lamps. Their design was developed by notAnotherOne, and the Perenio ecosystem is complemented by WAVIoT meters.

The product design concept for the Perenio smart home ecosystem was prepared by professionals of well-known notAnotherOne. This company has been involved in the industrial design of smart speakers "Yandex.Station" and "Yandex.Station Mini", smart home systems for "MegaFon", and many others. In total, notAnotherOne has developed more than 20 products for various brands.

We had a goal to convert Perenio's identity into readable visual symbols. The design must convey the key messages of the brand — advanced technology with the highest standards of quality, functionality, simplicity and reliability for the user. We were inspired by principles of a famous industrial designer Dieter Rams, and his mojo "less is better". They remind the beginning of an era of rapid industrial progress and innovation. According to this approach, functional variety and complexity can go hand in hand with the simplicity and brevity of the visual appearance of the device. That is why we used a circle and a square, simple shapes of minimalism. Simplicity of forms is associated with reliability,the conceptual developers explain at notAnotherOne official website.

All Perenio devices are designed following a certain principle. Specially for Perenio, notAnotherOne has developed a device size ratio of 1:1, 1:3, 1:4, where “1” is the size of the controlling device of the series, 1:3 — the size ratio of complementary devices to the main, and 1:4 defines the size of visual elements such as aluminium logo or buttons. A 1:8 ratio is used for positioning of smaller elements.

Perenio also works with WAVIoT to track resource utilisation and efficient management. The company develops and manufactures a complete line of indicators and a remote reading system. WAVIoT devices transmit data via their own NB-Fi radio protocol.

NB-Fi is a WAVIoT-developed LPWAN radio communication technology that provides communication between devices in hard-to-reach areas, over long distances in dense urban areas, and is ideal for building IoT networks.

“The future of innovation is in the fusion of brands and manufacturers. By launching projects with integration of mutual technologies and designs, companies are expanding the boundaries of traditional partnerships to produce commercially viable products. This synergy provides each of the participants not only with added product value, but it also improves the market impact. Creating products for home and office, the Perenio team looks at the world through the eyes of customers, whether it is a family of two living in a one-bedroom apartment or a major company whose task can be to automate the management of a large building complex. Our goal is to improve the user experience, make everyone's life more comfortable, simpler and, most importantly, safer,” said Perenio's Marketing Director Natalia Rodina.

About notAnotherOne

notAnotherOne is a full-cycle design centre, one of the leading teams in Russia for the design, development and production of user devices. It specializes in industrial design and technological research, hardware design and integration of cloud solutions. Over the past 5 years, notAnotherOne has developed and manufactured more than 20 mass-production devices, including personal smart watches and trackers, smart home equipment, video recorders, telemetry sensors, etc.

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